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The spiritual legacy of Camp Joy is built on the generosity, sweat, sacrifice, and determination of thousands of volunteers who have given of themselves to maintain this ministry and make their lives count for the glory of the Lord.

Be Encouraged

Wherever you look at Camp Joy, most of what you see represents the work of gracious supporters. Those who have been involved in the camp over the years can remember praying for, supporting, and participating in the many different projects. Everyone that gets involved in the ministry of Camp Joy will be encouraged by the progress year after year.


The ministry of Camp Joy goes forward because of the faithful prayers of churches and individuals. We cannot do His work without those who pray for us.

Each quarter we endeavor to send out an email giving updates and different prayer requests.

Here are some specific needs below.

Pray for our staff.

  • That we will rise to the occasion and all will be safe and healthy.
  • That we will have a spirit of unity and purpose.
  • That we will have the help and support we need for our summer staff.
  • That the Lord will use each of us for His glory.

Pray for the camp attendance.

  • That we will have full camps. (Empty chairs do not make decisions).
  • That the Lord will send campers with open hearts.

Pray for God’s Power.

  • That the Holy Spirit would direct all speakers and that they will be faithful and effective messengers.
  • That the Holy Spirit will have liberty in hearts and lives.
  • That the lost will be saved and Christians will be refreshed and challenged.
  • That many will surrender to the Lord’s control of their lives.

Pray for camp finances.

  • That regular support will increase so that we can provide for existing staff needs and bring on needed additional staff.
  • That the finances will continue to come in for specific building projects.
  • That the finances will continue to come in for specific program needs.


Camp Joy always appreciates people’s generosity when they donate items to the work of the Lord. We ask that if you have an item that you wish to donate that it be an item that still has a certain amount of value.  We would prefer the item to still work and have value i.e a car, a boat, or nice towels.

Please email the office at or call at 262-473-3132. We are willing to come to pick up anything you might have.

Click this link to donate right online!

Join Us As Summer Staff

Every summer Camp Joy hires high school and college-age young people to serve the varying opportunities of our ministry. Opportunities include Counselors, Housekeeping, Baristas, Maintenance, Kitchen, Shop Workers, Photography, Program Staff, and a whole lot more!

Working at Camp Joy enables you to gain ministry experience, grow in Christ, and meet people from all walks of life.  One staff member said, “This has been the best summer of my life!”

Qualifications for Summer Staff

For counseling and program staff positions, we ask that the young person be at least 18 years old with attendance of a Bible believing church. We at times make exceptions with age. Other positions require young people that are at least 15 years old with the desire to grow in Christ while they are here.

What Happens When I Send in an Application?

Our recruitment staff will begin processing it as soon as it arrives. We will call the applicants references. We will decide from there whether the applicant is accepted or denied as potential staff. We will then send out a contract. If it is signed, it should then be sent back to Camp Joy. After that, information will be sent out and preparations will begin.

*Please note* (Contract is a legal binding document.  It is expected that if you sign the contract that you will come and be a part of the staff.)

Will I be paid? 

Camp Joy has a program that enables a way of generating financial and prayer support for our summer staff. It allows them to send out letters informing friends and family of their need. This helps support the pay we give to summer staff. All money donated to our summer staff program goes directly to a staff member. It is a wonderful opportunity to partner with our summer staff in this ministry.


If you are interested in serving the Lord in faith for two months and would rather fill out a paper copy, please download the application and email the completed form back to

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