Camp Joy Supports Churches in Their Ministry

Pointing Campers to the Word of God

Ever since Camp Joy was formed by a collection of churches, it has maintained a desire to support churches in their ministry.

The camp program is designed to point campers to the Word of God and then to churches where they will continue to grow. Junior campers are taught how to have a successful devotional time catered towards their age. Teen campers are sent home with a 28 day Bible study to assist them in their Christian walk. Sponsors and pastors can ask for a decision record to help them continue God’s work in the camper’s lives.

Because we appreciate the work of leaders in the churches, sponsors are well taken care of each week.

Sponsors are encouraged to stay for the week, bond with their church group, cheer them on, pray for them, and counsel them if they have questions.

We also plan special sponsors’ events that will be both enjoyable and refreshing.

Churches may also rent the Camp for private retreats.

Women’s groups may gather for crafts and fellowship with other ladies from the church.

Men’s groups may enjoy fellowship time around the pool tables and ping-pong tables.

When can Camp Joy begin supporting your ministry?

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Pointing campers to the Word of God

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Refreshing with God’s Truth


Stay a night or a week

At Camp Joy, our campers have experienced transformative moments that have left a lasting impact on their spiritual growth. Through our enriching programs and dedicated staff, we strive to create an environment where campers can connect with their faith and discover the joy of a deeper relationship with God. Join us and become part of our mission to change lives for eternity. Camp Joy: Where spiritual growth begins.

John Moore

Camp Joy Director