Retreats for Men and Women

Weekend retreats for men and women, as well as specialty retreats, are offered throughout the fall, winter, and spring. Youth retreats offer fun-filled activities and special services that present the gospel and encourage young people in their Christian walk during the school year. Many first-time campers come during these events to get a taste of camp for a weekend.

In addition to the many retreats we organize, churches, schools, and families may wish to plan and organize private events such as men’s and ladies’ retreats, school camps and family reunions.

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Upcoming Retreats

Pastors & Deacons Retreat – January 3-4, 2025 – Download Brochure

Victorious Ladies Retreat – September 13-14, 2024 – Download Brochure

Basic Marriage on Target Couple’s Retreat – September 27-28, 2024 – Download Brochure

Autumn Fest Picnic – October 5, 2024 – Download Brochure

Fall Men’s Camp – October 11-12, 2024 – Download Brochure

Advanced Marriage on Target Couple’s Retreat – March 20-22, 2025 – Download Brochure

Fall Couples Retreat – October 25-26, 2024 – Download Brochure

Full Calendar

Download 2024 Calendar for upcoming events and dates – Download Here

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In order to provide a Christ-honoring and positive atmosphere, campers are expected to abide by all Camp Joy rules. I understand that Camp Joy is a Christian camp where Christian principles are taught. The camp reserves the right to send campers home who are unable to adhere to the camp's conduct guidelines. I acknowledge that if my child dismissed from camp, there will be no refund. I am aware that Came Joy offers a variety of competitive and challenging recreational activities. While Camp Joy takes precautions to ensure the safety of all attendees, it is understood that accidents or risks of bodily injury may occur. I agree that my child may participate in all activities , and I intend by my signature a complete and unconditional release of the camp for all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law. I also agree that photos or videos of my child can be used for promotional purposes without compensation. I give Camp Joy my consent to secure any necessary medical treatment for my child during the camping period. I also authorize any medical professional to render treatment he or she deems necessary upon consultation with camp staff. I realize my insurance will be billed for any medical treatment as the primary coverage for my child. I authorize the health care staff of Camp Joy to dispense my child's prescribed or over the counter medicine. I authorize the health care staff to treat minor injuries and administer over the counter medication as indicated during my child's stay at camp. I understand if my child has a communicable disease, sickness, or lice and/or nits, camp reserves the right to take appropriate precautions , including dismissal. I certify that the above information is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge.
Registration Consent
I have read through the above mentioned medical consent. I understand that my electronic signature is legally binding and represents my agreement with Camp Joy's regulations. I also understand that the down payment is non-refundable.


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